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You are at the United Networks (UN) official site. UN is a conglomeration of networks of system administrators which are in friendly relations. UN consists of several sites which are mainly in Moscow region but it also has regional networks such as Abakan and Novosibirsk for example. “Spoke” sites are connected to central site located in Pushkino (Moscow region) via OpenVPN software.

United networks is an autonomous system in all sences and it is under single administrative control and common rules which can be found on this pages. Inspite of all administrators are independent and design their sites using their own resorces all of them are guided by this rules. Sometimes however mission critical or due to strict time conditions can be bought at the expense of common resources. In referencing to financing sources. In other words UN is non-commercial association of not only specialists (there are some beginners) in different branches of Telecommunications.

All of us are united by the same goal. This is - knowledge! Large multiservice network can grant many opportunities to study a lot of aspects of networking. Everyone finds that he needs. Somebody learns routing protocols, other man looks at the topology of VPNed networks and WAN technologies. One more guy builds Backup and Replication System of file storage between two sites. Network is not limited to Cisco hardware or Linux Systems. It also contains Windows, FreeBSD, D-Link routers and so on. We all exchange experience and accumulate a lot of various informations, and give friendly consultations to each other when it is necessary. But not only that! We also teach young students - we have own apprentices - just like Yoda-jedi had padawans. :-)

The Network has own Ordinary Users - someone who accomodates results or residues of our experiments for prosaic needs. For example our mothers-in-law rather quickly understood usefulness of Cisco-phones for conversation with daughters :-). Our relatives “replicate” photos between towns and even regions. And so on.. As the time went by Users are accustomed to use some things.. and now when some trouble is happened they begin to shout all over Internet! So now we have claim to high availability and we think the day is near when our network will become high-loaded in addition!

Brief History

Founder of United Networks is Ellad G. Yatsko

  • 2005.07 - Initial experiments of Ellad with FreeBSD. The date can be considered as the beginning date of Network. Internet was tariffing per Megabyte ADSL connection. Computer under FreeBSD was usual Celeron-based one with 1.5G RAM and two disks 120G and 500G. 120G-drive was bootable, because BIOS of cumputer didn't see 500G as boot device, and only Windows could see it! It was beginning!
  • 2005.10 - Acquisition of domain RUNOGUY.RU. Runo Guy is fiction hero of Boris Lapni's “Under Lucky Star” novel and he is Ellad's favourite hero.
  • 2006.05 - Installation of the first Wondows Domain DC. Installation of the first VMWare Server 1.x and first experiments on virtualization. FreeBSD gateway became virtual.
  • 2006.07 - The first Cisco WS-C2960 in the central site. It is simpliest one in Catalyst Family.
  • 2007.01 - Adding Abakan's site to Network. It was a first Ubuntu driven gateway. At the same time Ubuntu was used as remotely controlled desktop for end-users of site. It may be considered as the first experience of remote support. RIP became the first routing protocol in Network.
  • 2007.03 - Adding the second site in Novosibirsk to Network. The scheme (layout) of hardware was the same as in Abakan. It was adopted as typical.
  • 2007.06 - Novosibirsk Central site was moved to Moscow and located in Moscow's Medvedkovo. Internet connection became UNLIMITED (Corbina)! And in Novosibirsk too (Sibir-telecom)!
  • 2007.08 - First experiments on Voice-over-IP. At work for that moment.
  • 2007.10 - VMWare Server's version was upgraded on Windows DC up to 2.0.
  • 2008.11 - Cisco2821 was bought. Continuing experiments on Voice-over-IP. Cisco had EVM-HD-8FXS/DID and EM-HDA-3FXS/4FXO voice cards.
  • 2009.06 - Aquisition of domain YATSKO.ORG.
  • 2009.09 - Hard drives on Windows Domain DC was crashed. Those were old disks. FreeBSD was moved on usual home computer.
  • 2009.10 - Appearance of the first “Black-man” (it was jet-black in color). It was rather powerful machine for its time! 4-core CPU, 8G RAM, Adaptec 5805 RAID, 2x250G in Mirror was bootable drive and 2x1000G in Stripe was File Storage. Introducing VMWare ESXi 4.0 virualization platform. Both DC and FreeBSD
  • 2010.02 - First two Cisco AIR-AP1131AG-K9-ETSI had appeared. First experiments on Wi-Fi.
  • 2010.11 - First attempts to get AS/PI in RIPE.
  • 2010.12 - The second “Black-man” was assembled (twin of the first “Black-man”). The second Windows Domain DC had appeared, Backup software was installed. Two file-storages on two “Black-men” became replicated. The second “Black-man” was moved to work, new VPN-connected site had added.
  • 2011.01 - Development of scheme VPN-connection stand-alone notebooks to Network via VPN. Appearance of mobile site at 2-nd Zachatyevskiy side street in Moscow.
  • 2011.02 - Appearance of the second ISP (OnLime) at the Central site. The scheme for load-balancing between two Uplinks with utilizing of most part of bandwidth under FreeBSD was invented. Internet divided on two halves: and There was firstly introduced Policy-based Routing (PBR).
  • 2011.03 - AS197627 with PI-block was purchased.
  • 2011.03 - Domain United-Networks was acuisited.
  • 2011.03 - Next VPN-connected site had added - Stas Ivanichkin's network migrated into UN.
  • 2011.04 - The second WS-C2960P with PoE and the third AIR-AP1131AG-K9-ETSI were bought. Two SSID broadcasting was organized. One is for inner UN use, the second is for pair of friends in the same house as Central site.
  • 2011.04 - Appearance of Beirel-Telecom in Pushkino with announcing of AS197627. It is new VPN-connected site. Pool was routed via PBR.
  • 2011.05 - New addressing plan was developed. All hardware moved on new addresses, OSPF was implemented on UN.
  • 2011.06 - Central Site has moved to Pushkino, Moscow Region.
  • 2011.07 - Second Uplink (Uniline) has added and BGP was set up.
  • 2011.09 - DMZ was organized.
  • 2011.12 - Experiment with OpenVPN to set up one as “client” and “server” simutaneously.
  • 2012.01 - “eltsovskaya.nsk” has changed ISP to Novotelecom with speed improvement up to 5M.

Future Plans

  • Searching and development of second connection with AS197627 in Pushkino, Moscow region.
  • Adding site in Zelenogradskaya near Pushkino, Moscow region - Ellad's aunt notebook to remotely support her.
  • Adding second site in Novosibirsk, administrator of site is Konstantin Seledkov, old friend of Ellad. Presumably this site will become Central Site of Novosibirsk or even Sibirean region. It will aggregate links and networks in Novosibirsk.
  • Continue contacting with friends - IT-professionals in Abakan with the goal of organization Central Site there.
  • Installation and customization of Zabbix Monitoring System for whole Network.
  • Dividing services such as Web, Mail and DNS on Central Site FreeBSD onto different virtual servers.
  • Constructing distributed topology with transversal VPNs between regions (not only spokes) in conformed with OSPF fashion.
  • Development distributed Mail System with Stas Ivanichkin.
  • Development replication method between Windows FRS and Linux FileSystem.
  • Continue buying hardware for Cisco TEST BENCH.

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